Sunday, April 7, 2013

NaPoWriMo (7/30)

8:22am 4/7/13, writing on a Sunday morning for Jomo

Let's make a memory of us
one that's strong & wild & free
and just

Hard days are coming we know
and bad times won't wait

So let's make something that's just us
something so pervasive so unique so down in the bone
a memory of love to drown in & live on
if ever we want to leave

Lets make a memory of us


  1. I especially like your last stanza and how it all comes down to that quiet "please". I think the lack of punctuation serves the poem well -- it's a very open ending, almost like a prayer.

  2. I agree, also it feels a bit like the speaker is meditating alone, not really speaking to anyone but just thinking and feeling these things.. Sort of like when you stare at a sunset and just.. feel. And form memories.