Thursday, April 4, 2013

NaPoWriMo (4/30)

Another day filled with more poems in my head than on paper about more things than I could post even if I had written them down.  Hopefully this isn't as weird as I think it is.

11:14pm, 4/4/13 my handwritten love note is on the computer but it's just for you
When it happened to me
I didn’t want anyone to know
this pain so personal and private
it seemed wrong to allow
anyone to intrude

And when it got out
I was mad
My privacy had been violated
my wishes disregarded
my grief blown wide for all the world to see
when what I’d wanted
was to lick my wounds in a corner
in hopes of reconstituting my soul

But the love notes
the I-feel-for-yous
the this-happened-to-me-toos
did more for me than any corner could

So I feel for you
because something like this happened to me too
and though I can’t enter fully into your pain
know I love you

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