Sunday, April 28, 2013

NaPoWriMo (28/30)

There were two poems for tonight, but the second didn't quite want to end so I'm still working on it.

4/28/13 doing laundry on a Sunday evening

why should i walk when I. Can.  RUN!
why is tallness = to slowness
i am low to the ground
and i never crawl
(and when i do crawl, i do it fast fast fast!)

there are springs in my knees!
and springs in my feet!
when i move i've got to move quick
there are springs in my feet!
there is excitement in my chest
bursting to get free

and if i jump jump run run
twist shout and scream
maybe that'll get it out of me
maybe this time you'll hear the song the body sings
and join me

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