Saturday, April 6, 2013

NaPoWriMo (6/30)

This almost didn't happen.  I'm beat.  But, as the title says, this particular subject is often on my mind so...

11:05pm, 4/6/13, On my mind off & on but mostly on this week

I thought it would be like this
that you would be the first one to throw me away

The others,
ah the others,
they’ll hem and haw and find nice things to say
for a while

Then they’ll toss me out too

But you have no guile
you don’t know the best time to lie

You already accuse me of the sins you don’t like
until you’re doing them yourself
so what’s to stop you from shooting me down
for the truths you believe in

Are you already planning what you’re going to do?

Will it break you?

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