Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NaPoWriMo (30/30)

It's the last day of NaPoWriMo! (And possibly the last day for a while that I'll be posting, knowing me ;)  It's been interesting, and very cathartic--as you all now know--and at times very difficult.  I am reminded of what I knew all along, that my personal, non-fiction writing tends to happen when I'm unhappy or deeply inspired by something.  As a generally happy person, this means I have bouts of intense writing, followed by long dry spells.  Not so with NaPoWriMo!

The one thing that I haven't written all month, but totally love, is nonsense poetry.  I find it really hard to start, and so rarely do them but I love nonsense poetry all the same.  So here's my one and only nonsense poem, full of personal fangirlish name dropping, to close out the month after the jump. 

10:03pm 4/30/13, the last poem of us

Sleep sleep
perchance a chance to dream
of lovely princes too young for me
but pretty all the same
of crying girls and broken dreams and scattered hearts
who you know will come to joy and fame

That’s not how my dreams usually go

Usually there are elephants!
That skateboard
And flying things!
That I ride
The world folds in
it twists and turns to fit my hidden minds' desire
but no one gets killed Mr. Cobb
Tell me why

I’ll tell you why
Because I defy the thoughts of gravity!
They shall not grab at me with their quickening moves
their quirkering moods
their shim sham shimmy
from left to write
friend to frenemy
you’d be the dearth of me if I let you
(but I think I’m letting you go, so it’s cool)

We’re gonna move beyond this, right?
It gets better, correct?
The transition can’t go on forever
b/c it’s not a transition when it’s how you live your life


I am such a stable cat
People come to pet me just because they think I won’t scratch
but they don’t know me very well
so I keep my claws hidden well
well away where none can see
and none can feel
Just a nip nip
on overfriendly fingertips
when the petting goes too long

Or maybe I’m a nine-tailed foxed waiting to give fortune
or steal men’s livers

I’ll have to think on that
Can I think when I sleep?
I rarely dream cat dreams
aloofly watching everything
cat dreams
Maybe tonight when dreams do fly
I’ll pad about with something soft and furry and vaguely contrary
beside me

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