Saturday, April 13, 2013

NaPoWriMo (13/30)

So if you've been reading along for all of the National Poetry Writing Month poems, you'll have noticed that I tend to camp out on a theme for a while before moving on to something else, and that sometimes my "moving on to something else" is more like a pit-stop to refuel than me really moving on.  I tend to ruminate.  Anywho, all that to say...

10:20pm 4/13/13, i thought i'd be writing about something else

all my biggest failures
seem to come
just before You expect the most from me

my prayers seem to consist only of
"See me
Forgiive me

Try my heart again
I'm sorry i've failed you
I'm sorry i'm like this"

and i know You see
the inner me that gives me so much consternation
the parts whose motives guide my mis-action
even when i want & know better

but what do You see
in wretched sinful me
when You listen to my pryaers
and peer into the places
i'd rather keep hid

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