Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10:27 pm 1/25/13, Walking Away w Cheongdamdong Alice

Step by step
I am going insane
realizing the years I’ve wasted
thinking this was love
and not me settling for a comfortable pain

Did you know?
Were you trying to dissuade me
with distance
with rebuttals
with cheap shots and unkind truths?
Stupid fool
you know the heart only sees that as proof
of being unworthy
of something to strive for
not clues to move on

But something has changed
Maybe distance has made the heart grow stronger
or something equally cliched
Maybe I’m older now
and better now
Maybe I’ve given up on love
and not just given up on you

Maybe I’m tired of waiting for you
to be a better man
and a nicer person
who isn’t going to cut me to ribbons
on some half truth
you half remember from a conversation overheard
in college