Monday, April 29, 2013

NaPoWriMo (29/30)

4/29/13 4:35pm

I feel like
I've been cut open by a mugger
but surely this is surgery

Then why am I still bleeding
Why does the wound still ache and seep
every time I come near it

Where is my closure?
Where I'd the Person to come and sew me back up?
I had some needle and thread
but I hardly know where to begin

If Someone will draw me a diagram
I would gladly follow it
Or is the diagram right there
and my stubborn eyes refuse to read it?

I don't know
but in weary from
holding myself together by my fingertips
and coming apart every time I dare to let go

Or maybe
maybe I'm still in surgery
just promise me that there will be an end

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