Sunday, April 14, 2013

NaPoWriMo (14/30)

Disclaimer: I am not currently, nor have I ever been married, nor do I have current marriage prospects, nor have I consulted my married friends prior to the writing of this poem.  With that in mind: Please don't beat me up, marrieds!

6:30pm 4/14/13, watching dramas as is my wont

I love you
when you are goofy
When you are silly & bouncy & sugar-high
and such a complete nerd
I love you then

I love you
when you are trying
trying to woo me
trying to convince me
trying to keep me away from just one more shoe store, please!
in favor of checking out video games
Yes, love
I love you even then
(though you owe me)

I love you
when you need me
need me to be your shoulder or your sounding board
need me to get the wrench or prop open the door
need me to make you feel better (you big baby)
or need only know that I'm near

But I want you
when you are a Man
the very opposite of me:
confident & sure
taking no gruff, no stuff
knowing that you're about
a strong wall
and fierce protector;
hard where I'm soft
staunch where I'm bending
slow to temper & quick to let go anger
where I flash like a spark & simmer like a coal

If you were these things
these very male things
without the goof
and the try
and the need
I might be scared of your surety, your wildness, the ignition of your slow-burning anger
But you are mine
and with all that you have given me
I am assured that I am safe in your love.

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