Friday, July 13, 2012

“Like Tony & Pepper finally realizing what they are to each other”/ Vulnerable / 3:00pm, 7/13/12

It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever had to say to you

Oh God help me
(But You’ve helped me plenty
Giving me the opening I was too scared to take for myself
Answering the whispered prayer in heart)

To tell you “No, I want forever…or nothing at all”
To your “Is that what you really want?”
To stick to a convention thought outmoded, outdated and illogical
When I’d been ready to settle for the modern, the conventional, the “smart” thing to do

But as much as I want you
As much as I want to be the one you wake up next to
I want to be that one you wake up to committed. Forever.
I don’t want to be a test run
I don’t want to try you out

All I want is to give you everything
All I’m asking for is everything in return

I’ve given you my answer
Whatever you decide to do with it—
Destroy my hope or make me fly—
Please don’t make me wait for yours

(I know it's probably unclear...this poem has 3 titles.  I couldn't decide on just the one :)