Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NaPoWriMo (15-16/30)

Day 15 is a picture post again, although I probably will share it at some point.  I had plenty of time to get it up but with everything happening in Boston, it didn't feel right.  Still doesn't.  Anywho, the FB friends and fellow twitterati can confirm that I did, indeed, photo-post Day 15's poem on the 15th.  See below the jump:

10:00pm, 4/16/13, been trying to write this since Sunday

O mud
I thought we were friends
I'd come to visit you in the park
and we'd play
but you'd stay
in the park

Oh but these days mud
you are a stalker
I go to where you are
then you follow me to where I'll be
refusing to leave
why do you make this so hard?

You're on my jeans
You're in my house
I think I scraped you off my lipgloss

You dirty my hair
and you stain my hands
I thought I knew you but I wish you'd get lost

O mud
what happened to the days when you knew your place?
when you kept to confined space?
a space not on the inside of my boots.

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