Sunday, October 18, 2015

10/14/15 6:42p a prayer of protection

Dear Lord
Keep me and my neighbours safe
from my foolishness
from the things I forgot to do in my haste
or left in negligence
Lord let no one suffer because of me
(even, especially, selfish me)

Lord, there are so many things to pray for
just in leaving my place and going to yours
and though you call me daughter and friend
I'm also a servant
gladly beholden to your will
obligated to you and what you decide
to do or not to do
and ever so grateful
that you willingly decide to obligate yourself to me
a little know-nothing
who walks like she knows everything

How much and how carefully you hold me in your hands, Father
I don't often pray against my own stupidity
yet daily you protect me from that too
as well as from wicked men, disasters and inconvenience
Trials and tribulation come
but destruction stays far from my dwelling place
surely awaiting the day when you will let me go
forgetting that even in the pit
you have called me Daughter Friend Servant
that nothing has ever been lost
nothing of yours can ever be stolen
None of yours are ever forgotten

How carefully you hedge me about, Lord
like something precious
prone to scattering

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