Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day 22 (x3) / 30

I missed Day 21 but I'm pretty sure I made up for it...

4/22/15 6:40am, standing on the train trying to put this into words

How to describe to someone
Who's never loved like this before
That the obligation of living for You
Is my fondest wish
Even when I fail
That the bonds of love
Make me want to try again
There's no obligation at all


4/22/15 7:15pm, I don't think I've ever put it in so many words before

Dear Friend
We've disagreed on so many things

Our friendship started with a fight

In some ways
On very important things
We'll never see eye to eye

And yet
And yet

For all that you are
And all the words we've let loose
For tolerances
And unheard patience
For trusts
And confidences

All that I am
Loves all of you
Dear Friend


4/22/15 7:20pm, euphoria sometimes leads to introspection

Maybe I don't value all the things you've been to me
And that's why I can't write about anything
Except failure

Or maybe you've meant so much of everything
That failure is too strange
Not to remark upon

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