Saturday, October 18, 2014

9/2/14 10:45am Counting Crows always remind me of you

where are you?
The song you wrote about us
came on the radio today
such an old song
it's been so long since you've said hello
Since worrying about your problems was something I'd tried to duck
to avoid

What kind of man have you become

Are you alive
or is the news report I googled going to be my only notice
that you've died
Who are the pretty girls driving you wild
with their tales of love another

Have you made up with your Father
Has your brother moved back in
Is your sister your new sanctuary

I was the only one who claimed you
I was the only one who thought more of you
than "partying good time guy"
I know boys leave home
and never think of it again
but everyone goes home sometimes
even the ones they've built without walls

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