Saturday, October 18, 2014

10/17/14 5:40pm (tho it started long before this)

Dear Husband,

Come before daybreak
dear Husband
There are too many people here
people who don't know me
and don't know you

They have asked me a dozen times
in a million insinuated ways
"When are you getting married
"When will you commit for the rest of your life?
"When will you join yourself to something
             bigger than yourself
and see it through to the end?"

they can't see the ring on my finger
nor the lock on my heart
They don't know that I am yours
as you are mine

Come kiss me in the sight of all my critics
the skeptics
the ill-believers
Hold my hand in the midst of the gossips
and the mother-hens
and the busybodies too busy knowing
to know this body

dear Husband
they don't know us
but come quickly
lest I tell them as much.

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