Friday, April 4, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day 4 for sure

4/4/14 10:57 pm, how many times can I write you before we give up

Dear Brother
You've gone and died without saying goodbye
Haven't you
You forgot all about me
Your big sister dear
Who keeps her nose clean
I still don't drink
I still don't smoke
I'm still no better than you
But as you're the only one who ever cared to ask
Know one knows but you
(And though I'm sure you were trying to pull me off a holy pedestal
And tarnish the halo falling from my head
I appreciated it anyway
With you I could be down to earth)

I suppose you haven't died
That you've gone on to live your life
Quite forgetting about me
But though you have siblings aplenty to fall back on
I only have the one I've made my own
And, oh, little brother
So many of them have failed & forgotten me
I can't stand to think that you were first

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