Monday, April 14, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day 11 x2

4/11/14 the morning they told me...

Never let them tell any lies when I die
If they want to say I was secretly sad
full of remorse and always felt bad for things done
never let them near my poetry

If they want to say I was always glad
full of light and joy and never mad at the sins of the world
make them read it all

I lived
and I was alive
I was full of good and bad
My life was not my own
though I've selfishly tried to steal it back
I gave too much
and offered too little
I believed with all my heart
and sat down when I should have stood up
My white lies have brought down nations
and inconsequential kindness made monuments of goodness

I was a woman
not a caricutrue
fully drawn
but only half-known


4/11/14, going on midnight

I'll sing you a happy song
if you promise not to sing me one that's a line

The price of your freedom isn't too high
You devalue the thing
You've forgotten what it means

You say freedom is all things
for all people
at all times
with no limits
no boundaries

Sounds like a definition for anarchy

But when someone has to pay the difference in the cost
you say they're wrong

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