Monday, June 1, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day 24/30

4/24/15 a mourning rumination

Things we're never going to do but have done with others
Ride in the back of a cab while the city rushes by
part of each other and lost in our own thoughts
Wander the streets whispering secrets
at the volume of a shout
Flee an oncoming wave
of water
of people
of emo--

No, we used to do that all the time
We're doing it now
dragged along in the undertow

Bar hop
looking for the perfect burger
perfect coffee tea beer
the perfect dessert
Watch the sun rise over the city streets
holding hands
too tired to speak
unselfconsciously in awe of the beauty of a drowsing city
Get drunk on the high of a concert or show
until we can't walk in straight lines
or stop laughing
or stop reminding each other how awesome it all was

Let the city sidewalks bear witness to hard truths
home truths
about me or you or us
We never had the knack
of being that honest with each other

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