Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Certain Kind of Woman

After confessing to her friends that she’s lonely, it only takes a a week (and twenty-four solid hours of non-stop texts, emails, phone calls and hints from her friends) for her to get the cat.

She hates the cat. He’s symbolic of how lonely she actually is. No more hiding.

But he lets her cry into his fur every night, so she keeps him.

* * *

Two months later she gets a second cat. Instead of going home to her cat, and being that person, she goes home to her boys.

Somehow that makes everything better.


A writer-friend of mine convinced me to join, for which you write a story a day .  I know, that was a hard one.  Anywho, I signed up because I kinda love signing up for these things, but it's been a rough May so I've hardly written anything.  So far this is the only thing that's publishable.The original is also much shorter.  It only takes up about 3/4ths of a sticky note.

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