Friday, May 27, 2011

Tell Her

Not much in the way of dialogue tags here, but I think it's reasonably easy to follow along with.  Plus, it's short.

“You want me to tell her you think she’s cute?”
            “What?  No!  And it was just that one time...”
            “Aaaah, the day she was wearing that skirt.  I saw the way you were looking at her.”
            “It was a nice color.”
            “It was black and white.”
            “Which...looks nice on everyone.”
            “Uh huh.  Sure.  Why don’t you just let me do it.  The next time she calls--”
            “You see.”
            “Andy?  ...Andy?”
            “Yes, my dear.”
            “Can I borrow--”
            “But I just need it really--”
            “I’ll bring it right back.”
            “For how much?”
            “I don’t get paid until tomorrow.”
            “That’s all right then.  What do you need?”
            “The label maker, please.”
            “Sure.  Come down.”
            “Okay!  Thanks s’much, Andy.  I’ll be right there.”
            “I can tell you for certain that she’s polite and has a sense of humor.  And that she’ll be down here aaaaany minute.”
            “What does she want?”
            “The label maker again.”
            “...we have that new one in the drawer.  From last month.  Remember, you ordered two for Colleen by accident.”
            “Hey that’s right.  Maybe I should give it to her.  Maybe you should give it to her.”
            “I think you should just tell her.  Tell her you like her legs.  That always works.”
            “Hi Andy!”
            “And why are you here?”
            “For the label maker.  Please.”
            “Sure.  You wanna new one?”
            “Oh...the one you gave me last time was fine.”
            “No, I mean a real new one.  I have one extra.”
            “Really?  That’d be great.”
            “How much you’ll give me?”
            “Andy!  Besides I don’t get paid until Friday.”
            “That’s right.  Okay, I’ll collect later.”
            “Fantastic.  Thank you, Andy.”
            She stepped out of the doorway to let him pass, not seeing the look the two men exchanged as he did so. 
            “This way...”

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